Monthly Archives: June 2013

Shumi Nagaremono 3D Review of End of Evangelion Laserdisc Boxed Set

Shumi Nagaremono, the Hobby Drifter, reviews the Japanese exclusive End of Evangelion laserdisc boxed set. Included is commentary on all of the MANY awesome and unique items in this legendary collectible. Presented in 3D. Advertisements

Shumi Nagaremono 3D Video Review of Transformers G1 Megatron

Shumi Nagaremono, the Hobby Drifter, reviews the G1 Megatron toy. Included in this review are all of the extra accessories included with re-releases over the years.

Shumi Nagaremono 3D video Review of G1 Optimus Prime

This is the first review from Shumi Nagaremono, the Hobby Drifter. He takes a look at one of the 80’s most beloved childhood icons, Optimus Prime. This video features full 3D 360-degree rotations of the figure in multiple configurations. You can adjust your 3D settings (or turn it off entirely).