Evangelion Campaign @ 7-11

There’s no sense in complicating this.  “Omake” means “bonus” or “premium” in Japanese.  It’s free stuff given away with other products, usually for promotional purposes.  The most popular product to affix omake to is soft drinks.  Cans of coffee, for instance.  Or bottles of water, soda, juice, or whatever.

From the 7th of August through the end of the month (or while supplies last) 7-11 stores are running an Omake campaign to promote Evangelion Racing, because everything has to promote Evangelion at least once every few months to stave off 3rd Impact.


The basic freebie is a set of six little Evangelion heads.  The set includes the Evangelions from the new movie series.  Test Type, Prototype, Unit 2, Unit 5, Mark 6, and Unit 8.  Sadly, the Mass Production Model from End of Evangelion is not included in the set.  Which is appropriate, since a running joke with Evangelion products is that there is never a *complete* set of any Evas, pilots, or anything else EVER.


These things look very nice.  They’re well sculpted and the paint applications are neat and clean.  You’ll get one of the Eva heads (and it’s easy enough to see which one you’re getting) if you buy a bottle of Pepsi NEX, Suntory Orange mineral water, Orangina (pronounced OranJEENa, btw), Calpis Water, or Apple Calpis Water.


There are three varieties of Evangelion Cup Noodle available, which fans can get by signing up for a special point card.  Each store will have 36 of these limited edition foodstuffs.


Each store is giving away 20 Test Type Evangelion Be@rbrick cellphone straps.  To get one of these cute little guys, you have to buy two packages of a variety of sweet snacks.


But that’s not all, starting on August 18th, there will also be two pilot Be@rbricks, which each store will have ten (each).  To get each of these, you’ll need to buy a few packs of salty snacks.


If *all* of that wasn’t enough,  fans also have the opportunity to buy what may be the ultimate Evangelion collectable.  The so-called Human-Scale Evangelion stands two meters tall and comes in two versions.  The first looks like it was pulled directly out of the new Evangelion movies.  The second sports an exclusive 7-11 inspired deco.  Strictly limited to only 25 total (they’re made/painted on a first-come, first serve basis), they are priced to move at 1.7 million yen (17,000 USD) each.  If you think that “priced to move” bit was a joke, I should inform you that they were COMPLETELY sold out in TWO MINUTES.

image     image

Between the free Evangelion heads, the candy and chip related contests, and the 17,000 dollar Evangelion statues, this one promotional campaign that has something for just about everyone.  It may be, and I’ll wait until somebody proves me wrong, the HAPPIEST of happy hobbying.


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