Super Sentai Advanced World Gashapon Set Review

Super Sentai/Power Rangers (sorry to all those I’ve offended by lumping the two together) is one of those things that I got into towards the end of my childhood.  For a year or so, I thought it was the coolest thing *ever*.  And so, every now and then, for the sake of nostalgia, I’ll take a quick glance at Sentai/PR stuff catches my eye.

That was the case while walking around in Kawasaki last week.  What caught my eye, though, was a bit more nostalgic than usual.  A row of gashapon (capsule) machines, sitting outside a drug store.  There was all the usual stuff, Gundam, Yokai Watch, Pretty Cure, and, this…


For those of you who don’t read Japanese, this is the Super Sentai: Advanced World gashapon set.  And the reason this is striking is because it was released in 2001, which means it’s been taking up space in this machine for thirteen years.  When I said it was “more nostalgic than usual”, it was because I picked the Daizyujin (MMPR Megazord.  Sorry!) at a recycle shop the better part of a decade ago.  Gashapon figures, like omake, are small and cheap enough to be used as desk decorations without making your co-workers think you’re a full-on otaku.

At 200 yen each, I figured why not give the dial a spin?  Maybe I’ll get that Daizyujin (MMP…alright, alright!) figure I had years ago.  I put in my two coins, gave it a spin and…


Holy crap!  I got exactly what I wanted!  I am *good* as Gashapon!  But, as you probably noticed, there’s a companion piece to Daizyujin in this set.  Gouryujin.  Otherwise known as the Dragon Zord in Fighting Mode.  Otherwise known as the COOLEST FREAKING THING EVER FOR 90’S KIDS.  Two Zyurangers items in the same line is incredibly weird, since Zyuranger usually gets exactly ZERO love.  Possibly because it’s the Sentai Series that gave the world Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, angering Sentai purists.  So, hey, 200 yen?  Why not?


Ho. Ly. Cow.  I got it!  That’s awesome!  Now I’ve got the set of both Zyurangers figures.  Thank you, Gashapon Gods!  But, you know what?  There’s also a Kakuranger figure in there.  And Kakuranger became the final Season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.  And since this Kakuranger toy is Super Muteki Shogun (which became the Shogun Mega Falcon Zord in MMPR) it’s kind of a companion piece to Gouryujin, so…


I should have played the lottery today!   Ok, screw it.  I’m hot!  There’s only six capsules in the set, I’ve already got three.  I’ve got a pocket full of change, let’s just complete the set!


Galaxy Mega, aka the Galaxy Megaship.  One of the final mecha used in the original Zordon Saga.  Sweet!  Let’s keep this going!


Sun Vulcan Robo, a pre-Power Rangers robot from the Sun Vulcan series.  They…weren’t super creative with the names back then.  This is the only one in the set  requires a base to hold its pose.  Only one left to go.

Another Daizyujin.  Ok.  That’s cool.  Let’s try again.  ANOTHER Daizyujin.  Alright, well, Daizyujin does OWN, so…Another Gouryujin…niiiiice…another Sun Vulcan Robo…come on…

Long story short, I emptied the machine (which, after thirteen years, I don’t feel *too* bad about) without every getting the last figure.  In case you’re wondering that figure is…


Gao Ikaros from GaoRanger (Power Rangers Wild Force).  So, I guess that’s fine.  Wild Force never really did anything for me, anyway.  Still, it would have been nice to have a whole set.  At least I’ve got plenty of trading fodder to use in my attempt to complete said set.

So, how are these things?  Are they worth all the money I sank into the machine in my failed attempt to complete a thirteen year old gashapon collection?  Actually?  Yeah.  These are pretty great, actually.  All five of them are REALLY stylized takes on the usually blocky guy-in-a-suit robots.  They’re incredibly detailed, down to the sculpted panel marks and designs the cover every millimeter of the toys.  The paint jobs are remarkably tight and consistent.  All of them stand up without much difficulty, which is always appreciated.  The only real flaw that that, after more than a decade in their little capsules, some of the rubbery weapons have warped.


These things are great.  I have no idea what circumstances led to them being unsold for so long, especially since after-market prices on these are fairly high (for gashapons, anway), but I’m glad I was the one to free them from their thirteen-year incarceration.  Now let’s just home that Zyuranger guys don’t decide “it’s time to conquer…Earth!”

Happy hobbying!


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