Transformers Theme Music Collection CD (2003)

BEASTNext month, Columbia Japan will release The Transformers Music Matrix 30th Anniversary DVD and The Transformers Song Masterpiece CD boxed set.  Both will include all of the opening and ending theme songs used in every Transformers animated series.  And what great timing, since just a few weeks ago, yours truly *finally* found a copy of this:


This is The Transformers Theme Song Collection.  Released by Columbia Japan in 2003, this was (to my knowledge) the first collection of Japanese Transformers theme music.  It includes the full versions all of the opening/ending theme songs from Fight! Super Robot Life Transformer (G1 season 1) all the way through Transformers: Micron Densetsu (the series that translators would butcher into becoming Armada) across two discs.  And while this release is about to become completely obsolete, it’s still an attractive bit of Transformers audio goodness, and I think it’s worth taking a look at.

The set comes in a thick jewel case with the Autobot (or “Cybertron” since this was a pre-Michael Bay Japanese release) symbol on the front. The reverse side has Armada Optimus Prime (Convoy) looking MUCH better than he ever did in the actual series below the massive 36-song track-list, which include such memorable titles as “What’s You”, “War War! Stop it!”, “Hello! Toughness”, and Wa!  Wa!  Wonderland”.  All of the songs are, unsurprisingly, in Japanese and completely, awesomely, different from any of the English Transformers themes.


The discs look classy.  Disc one features the Cybertron logo while disc 2 reps the Destron insignia.  Disc One contains all of the themes from G1, 2010, Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Zone, Beast Wars,  Beast Wars II, and the Beast Wars 2 movie.  Disc Two has the tracks from Beast Wars Metals, Beast Wars Neo, Car Robots, and Micron Densetsu.


Also included with the set is a small black and white booklet with the lyrics to all of the included songs.  The lyrics don’t include phonetic Japanese to help with the more difficult kanji, so non-Japanese fans hoping to use this to sing along may have to study up a bit before they’re ready for karaoke night.


All-told, it’s a nice set.  I’m happy to have it in my collection.  I loved the G1 to Zone-era theme songs.  They’re pure Japanese 80’s cheese.  And they sound great in stereo.  The Beast-and-Beyond era music doesn’t do much for me (with the exception of Car Robots theme, which is a guilty pleasure), so I’ll probably skip the upcoming releases.  Happy ho…

On the off chance that anybody is wondering why I keep mentioning that the upcoming CD and DVD theme collections will make this one superfluous, while not even mentioning the Transformers Song Universe from 2007, it’s because *that* 5-disc BEAST sells for a few hundred bucks (if you’re lucky) so it’s not *quite* as easy  an upgrade.

Happy Hobbying!


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