A Clockwork Orange: Japanese Theatrical Program

It’s time to start taking a look at some of the more interesting Japanese theatrical programs in my collection.  By request, the first one is for that international classic Tokei Jikakke no Orenji.  AKA (everywhere but Japan, in fact) A Clockwork Orange.

The cover uses the Japanese poster art which combines two different American posters into a single striking image.  The title of the movie is splashed across the bottom of the cover in Japanese with a tiny English subtitle that reads “Stanley Kubrick’s A CLOCKWORK ORANGE”.


Inside the book, you’ve got most of the standards.  There’s information on the director and cast.


A look at what went into the visual and sound design.


Some stories coming out of the production of the movie.


A gallery of photos from the movie.


And some really gnarly artwork.



Including an awesome double page spread.


This is one of the rarer programs in my collection.  In the years since I started picking these up, I’ve only seen this one *once*.  If you’re lucky enough to spot a copy, be prepared to pay upwards of a dollar for it.  Seriously, I love these things, but they’re cheaper than chips.  Which makes me a happy hobbyist and collecting these programs happy hobbying.


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