Collecting is Like a Hurricane…

I have this weird rule.  I will buy literally ANY Scrooge McDuck merch that I happen across.  This has resulted in my buying literally *several* different things over the past decade.  Scrooge isn’t a terribly popular character in Japan, is what I’m getting at.  Every now and again, I’ll encounter something in the course of my hobby drifting.  Sometimes, I’ll go *years* without spotting something.  In the last month, though, I’ve been snagging new (to me) Scrooge stuff every week!

Last year, I picked up Ducktales 2 for the Game Boy.  Even though there’s no picture of Scrooge on the cart, he *is* the main character…and the game is AMAZING.  At only 400 yen, there was no way I was going to let this gem slip away.  A scant few weeks later, at a Book-Off that I usually only browse to kill time, I found a copy of the first Ducktales game, with Scrooge’s smiling face on the label.  I’m probably the only person on earth to ever pay more for the first Ducktales game than the 2nd, but it was still only 500 yen (tax included) so, uh, Woo Hoo!

The full set!  Woo!

Interestingly enough, the Game Boy and Famicom versions of these games have different titles.  The Game Boy carts simply go by “Ducktales” and “Ducktales 2”, while their Famicom counterparts use the Japanese title “Wanpaku Duck Yume Bouken” (Energetic Duck Dream Adventure).

As if the games weren’t exciting enough, while browing through a second-hand store, I found THREE of these little PVC Scrooges, attired in his Ducktales era outfit.  And at 100 yen each, I wasn’t about the break my weird little rule.


These figures were included with chocolate candy in a promotion a few years back.  There were dozens of Disney characters in the line (including some real deep cuts, like the whale from Pinnochio), which explains how Scrooge wound up in the set.  I love little figurines like this, because they made for great desk decorations at work.  I like to keep my geekiness low-key at work, and “tiny Disney figurines” throw up fewer red flags than “huge honkin’ action figures” or (heaven and regulations forbid) video game stuff.

There was ONE time when I broke my “Buy all Scrooge!” rule.  It was a week or so before I moved to Tokyo.  I was in another Book-Off in Fukuoka, and I saw a Disney Chess Set where Scrooge played the part of two Knights.  It was kind of expensive AND it was large enough to have presented a problem for my impending move.  I passed on it, and regretted it immediately afterwards.  But the next time I visited that shoppe, it had already been sold.  I searched for one online, but came up empty.

But, months later, a little, independently owned, second hand store that I drop by every so often got the exact same set in.



It was still more than I like to pay for a used board game, but I wasn’t going to let it slip through my fingers again.  This one is complete with all the paperwork and what not, but nowhere can I find where it was released or sold.  It’s easily the most mysterious of my strange and ecclectic Scrooge McDuck items.

I’m sorry that I’ve got that theme song stuck in your head.  It’s a cheerful little number, though, yes?  Happy hobbying!


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