Super Mario Bros. Coffee Omake from DyDo

Did you know it’s the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros in Japan?  The good folks at DyDo did, and they’re marking the occasion with a set of Super Mario Bros coffee premiums, or omake.


This is an all-around NICE set of freebies, too.  It ticks off every single one of my omake preferences and then some.

The set consists of eight Super Mario Bros characters, lovingly recreated as they appeared in the original Famicom game.  Eight.  EIGHT.  Not THIRTY, like the 20th anniversary releases (from Pepsi).  EIGHT.  I’ll drink eight cans of coffee.  Anybody who drinks coffee can go through eight cans.  And even those who DON’T shouldn’t have trouble getting rid of eight cans of coffee.  Family.  Co-workers.   Homeless folks you see on the way to work.  If you don’t like coffee (or even THIS coffee) you WILL encounter somebody to take it off your hands.


Each “capsule” is clearly marked.  These are not blind-packed.  Which means that, if you’re willing to scrounge a little bit in the cooler, you can get a full set and be done with it.  Personally, I always feel more than a little bit skeevy when I’m doing that, but I have weird hang-ups about stranger things than that.

The capsules themselves are part of the deal.  Turn ‘em upside down and they look like the classic pipes from SMB1.  So, if you (like me) keep the capsule, they serve a purpose.  I have more clear plastic capsules than any one human being ever should.

The assortments make sense, for the most part.  They don’t seem to be shipping in equal numbers.  Mario and Luigi are available in far greater numbers.  The common enemies outnumber Peach and Kinopio.  Koopa was the only one I had to really dig for.  This is good.  Most people don’t collect the whole set of these things.  Heck, mostly people won’t even *care* which character they get.  But those that do are going to go after Mario.  If Mario were available in the same numbers as, say, Peach, they’d be gone, toot-sweet.

Finally, these are *pure*.  They’re not Mario characters holding coffee, or dressed weird, or paying homage in some way to the company who sprung for the release.  They’re just the regular characters we know and love.  Nobody needs to know these were just coffee-capsule freebies.  Again, weird hang-ups.

As for the coffee, it’s Demitasse.  It’s not my *favorite* canned caffeine delivery system, but it’s alright.  Better than BLACK and just about every café ole available, by a wide margin.

If this set is anything like previous Mario omake promotions, it’ll go fast.  Each can will set you back 123 yen, so get ‘em while you…can… heh.


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