DuckTales! NeeEeew!


There’s going to be a new DuckTales show in 2017!  That’s awesome!  I’m probably not going to watch it, on account of that I’m an old-ass man who hasn’t watched TV regularly since the 90’s, but I’m still excited.  I’m excited that a whole new generation of kids is going to get to know Scrooge McDuck.

But not MY Scrooge McDuck.  MY Scrooge McDuck was a less rough-around-the-edges version of the character created by The Good Duck Artist Carl Barks back in 1947.  He was played by Alan Young (Wilbur on Mr. Ed) from the mid 80’s in Mickey’s Christmas Carol up until last year’s seminal DuckTales REMASTERED.  MY Uncle Scrooge was a kind-hearted skinflint.  Greedy, but not at the expense of what really matters, namely friends and family.  He was adventurous, hard-working, and indominable.  He was smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies.

This NEW Scrooge McDuck will have available for inspiration not only Carl Barks’ timeless classics, but also Don Rosa’s timeless classics.  Don Rosa is responsible for, among other things, the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.  A series of comics that not only won just about every award that exists for serial fiction, but is my favorite comic book story of all time.  And I’ve been reading comics for the better part of 30 years.

This NEW Scrooge McDuck will have access to the incredible, century-spanning origin story that Don Rosa created around the established Uncle Scrooge lore of Carl Barks.  A story of triumph, tragedy, successes, failures, fortune, fame, and the true meaning of wealth.

I’m not gonna sit here and say “Oh, they’d better keep this!” Or “They’d better not change that!”  Because it’s not FOR me.  It’s not FOR my generation.  I’ve HAD my Uncle Scrooge, just as my father and grandfather had theirs.  Nothing can ever change or diminish that.

But there is ONE thing I’d like to see, and it’s probably a given that the producers will at least try to make this happen.

I’d like to see Alan Young return.  But not as Scrooge.  This is a NEW Scrooge, after all.  Alan Young was Scrooge for around 30 years.  And, fate willing, I hope this new Scrooge will have a similar long run.  I want Alan Young to play Fergus McDuck, Uncle Scrooge’s father.  It’s Fergus that tries to set Scrooge on his path by arranging for him to earn that fateful number one dime.  And it’s Fergus McDuck that, years later, gives his blessing for Scrooge to take the family to America and settle in Duckburg.  It’d be a “passing of the torch” moment (similar to what Larry Kenny did in the rebooted Thundercats).  A generation of children would wonder why their fathers got all misty eyed when Fergus finally meets Sir Quackly.

Fergus doesn’t have a HUGE part to play in the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.  Even if they were to record ALL of his lines from that series, it could easily be finished in a single afternoon in the recording studio.

That’s all.  That’s all I ask.  Change the theme song.  Change the setting.  Radically change up the characters.  Just give me Alan Young as Fergus in one flashback and I’ll be content.  I mean, come on, Disney.  You’re bringing back DuckTales.  A whole generation of us old men are going to be buying up as much new merch as possible to give to our younger relatives.  Don’t you think you could throw us that little bit of a bone?

Happy Hobbying!  WooOoo!


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