Spring Hobby Drifting

There are people who think that, when you live in (or around) Tokyo, you’ll never be short of things to do.  I know.  I was one of them.  But it’s amazing how quickly one can fall into a rut.  I spent the first month here travelling all over the place.  Walking, buses, trains, taxis, even the odd boat or two.  But then I sort of wound up repeating myself.  I found places that I enjoyed going (especially for hobby-type stuff) and then just stopped looking for new places.

Today, hopped up on that espresso drink I’m hooked on, I decided to go some place new.  I pulled up Google Maps and hunted around for a second hand store that wasn’t too far away and that I hadn’t been to.  I decided against buses and trains and just walked the several miles to the place.  It was a nice day and I had nothing else to do, so I popped in my headphones and made my way over to a new (to me) part of town.

Their retro game selection was small, but a definite cut above most stores of this type.  Their prices weren’t cheap (and, in some cases, games and consoles were *laughably* overprice), but most were well below what collectable stores charge.  The very first game I saw was the LAST game on my Super Famicom want list, Super Metroid.  A *steal* at 1,500 yen.  I also snagged Samurai Pizza Cats for the Famicom at 800 yen.

Their “junk” section was absolutely packed with interesting stuff.  Records, laserdiscs, games, cameras, and other random weirdness was piled meters high.  And it was a popular area.  I had to wait several minutes to be able to squeeze into the section.

I came away with Hey You Pikachu for the N64 (which, I *think* completes my G1 Pokemon collection…that I never actively tried to put together, a copy of the apparently terrible Jaleco Ice Hockey game for the SFC, a SFC AV cable*, two PS1 titles (Champion Wrestling (a wrestling title I never knew existed) and Gensuikoden (which, were it in English, would be a story that would likely be newsworthy), as well as an Apple Watch from Sportime in 1998 that I just snagged because “haha, Apple Watch”.

*Inside the SFC AV cable box was…what looks like the AC adapter for a rice cooker (Japan!).

All in all, the whole kit ‘n caboodle wound up setting me back 3,100 yen, which works out to something like 28 USD.  I’d have called that a win for just Super Metroid and Samurai Pizza cats, the other stuff (even the AC adapter) is just a fun bonus.

Definitely a good haul on this nice spring afternoon.  Maybe I’ll press my luck and try another new spot next week.  …or, I’ll just keep going back to this one…adding it to my rut.

Either way, Happy Hobbying.


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