Unite Warriors Devastator

Unite Warriors Devastator takes the already-amazing Combiner Wars Devastor and makes it even better.

The construction-equipment modes are the first thing you see after opening the box (which, sadly, doesn’t have the magnetic display flap previous UW figures did).  They are all suitably large and bulky, especially Long Haul, who all-but dwarfs the others in the set (as well as others in the line).

The individual robot modes ALL look incredible.  TakaraTomy/Hasbro could have really skimped a bit here, since it’s not like these guys are going to be on display very often.  In fact, there were rumors prior to Devastator being unveiled that the creators HAD cut a bunch of corners with these guys, prefering to devote most of the attention to the combined mode.  But that doesn’t seem to be the cast at all.  Massive Long Haul (who still looks great) aside, each of the Constructicons looks like they stepped right out the 80’s cartoon.  Their proportions, head/face sculpts, and paint applications are as close to perfect as I could have hoped.

Hasbro *did* cut a few corners, leaving out elbow articulation in a few of the Constructicons and leaving out their weapons (Devastator’s combiner bits take the place of their G1-style guns in the Hasbro version).  TakaraTomy’s UW version gives all six Contructicons elbow articulation, G1-accurate guns, slightly more accurate paint jobs, AND adds something to the combined form.

The main attraction for this set is, of course, Devastator.  The biggest Transformers combiner ever released, standing a whopping 45cm from head to toe.  TakaraTomy’s version includes a retractable visor, allowing buyers to choose between the looks of the regular and SDCC versions released by Hasbro.

It is BEAUTIFUL.  It’s everything I ever wanted in a combiner.  Devastator towers over nearly every other Transformers toy released when standing up straight.  But, unlike the previous version of the character, that’s not the only display option.  Devastor is surprisingly poseable.  Also surprisingly STABLE in some of those poses.  Owing partially to REALLY stiff joints in places.

This figure is a paint job and a few metal parts away from being a Masterpiece.  If TakaraTomy were to reissue the thing with some strategic die-cast bits and a premium paint job, it could likely double the price with few complaints from fans.  It’s that good.

It retailed for 25,000 yen, but could easily be snagged for much less.  Once the stock is gone, though, I can see it jumping in price.  It’s the best version, by a country mile, of the beloved character.  And it is some truly, TRULY, happy hobbying.



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