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Kinnikuman Hataraku! Chojin Figure Collection

Fall has begun and with the changing of seasons comes brand new omake (Oh-mah-kay) freebies on coffee cans.  This time, it’s the classic 70’s/80’s property Kinnikuman (known in the US as M.U.S.C.L.E.  This promotion has been tremendously popular.  The cans have been selling very well in most locations and I’ve seen plenty of my co-workers […]

Evangelion Campaign @ 7-11

There’s no sense in complicating this.  “Omake” means “bonus” or “premium” in Japanese.  It’s free stuff given away with other products, usually for promotional purposes.  The most popular product to affix omake to is soft drinks.  Cans of coffee, for instance.  Or bottles of water, soda, juice, or whatever. From the 7th of August through […]