There are people who think that, when you live in (or around) Tokyo, you’ll never be short of things to do.  I know.  I was one of them.  But it’s amazing how quickly one can fall into a rut.  I spent the first month here travelling all over the place.  Walking, buses, trains, taxis, even […]

I don’t know why, but Japan gets all the best Star Wars swag.  From Real Action Heroes to Hot Toys to whatever awesome stuff Bandai’s putting out, the Land of the Rising Sun is a great place for merch from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Here’s a set of uniquely-Japanese […]

Everybody’s talking about the new Power/Rangers unauthorized short film.  I saw it.  I thought it was fun.  I wasn’t super thrilled to envision my childhood heroes winding up like that, but it was a compelling bit of fan film goodness, from a guy who has done wonders with the Punisher, Venom, and Judge Dredd. But […]

There’s going to be a new DuckTales show in 2017!  That’s awesome!  I’m probably not going to watch it, on account of that I’m an old-ass man who hasn’t watched TV regularly since the 90’s, but I’m still excited.  I’m excited that a whole new generation of kids is going to get to know Scrooge […]

Did you know it’s the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros in Japan?  The good folks at DyDo did, and they’re marking the occasion with a set of Super Mario Bros coffee premiums, or omake. This is an all-around NICE set of freebies, too.  It ticks off every single one of my omake preferences and […] is awesome.  I think pretty much anybody who’s not trying to compete with them wouldn’t argue that point.  But it’s usually not ideal for geek stuff, toys especially. My toy habit of choice, for the longest time, was Transformers.  Back when I lived in Chicago, my other TF-collecting buddies and I would gripe about […]

I work in Akihabara, which is the near-undisputed Mecca (or…should that be “mecha”?  …I’ll show myself out) of otaku geek shopping culture.  Everything you could ever want, and plenty of things you wonder how anybody *could*, are available…usually at higher-than-online prices.  It’s kind of like a brick-and-mortar…with a really amazing “You maybe also like…” […]