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Family King Nintendo Famicom Joystick Review

Today, I’m looking at another Family Computer joystick.  This time, it’s the Family King.  A joystick that boasts an automatic centering system.  This joystick, like the previous entry in the series, was produced by Spital (pronounced Supitaru).  Also like the previous entry, the joystick was released in Type 1 and Type 2 variations.  This is […]

Family Champ Turbo for the Nintendo Famicom Review

The Family Champ Turbo was a joystick peripheral for the Nintendo Family Computer . It was released by a company unfortunately named Spital and it came in two versions. Type 1 makes use of the Famicom’s expansion port. Type 2 plugs into Type 1’s controller. The Family Champ, unlike many other joysticks of the time […]

Nintendo Family Computer Wild Gunman Set Review

In 1984, Nintendo released the Wild Gunman set in Japan. This set contained the Wild Gunman cartridge, the Family Computer Gun, and an exclusive belt and holster set. It’s a popular piece for collectors of classic Nintendo, but is it worth adding to *your* collection? Watch this video and judge for yourself. A 3-D version […]

FC-Mobile Portable Family Computer Clone Review

This a review of To-Conne’s FC Mobile game console. It’s a Family Computer clone (or Famiclone) that gives new life to your Famicom game collection by allowing you to play classic games on the go OR on your television.

Shumi Nagaremono 3D Video Review of the Family Computer Robot

Shumi Nagaremono, the Hobby Drifter, takes a look at the Family Computer Robot, also known as R.O.B. the Robot Operating Buddy.